Mission Statement

My mission is to be genuine in every moment of my life. Whether by a simple glance or a warm embrace I wish to enlighten all that I encounter.  My goal is to help others enjoy their lives buy teaching them to take responsibility for their health. their actions, and themselves. I will listen to the words of others and be source of motivation and balance for those who seek my assistance. I will be a guide for those who wish to engender a new self and understanding of life.

                              Patient Statements                              

"Dr Casertano has changed how I feel about chiropractic care! It doesn't matter what the complaint is, he always does a full spinal assessment and gets down to the root cause of the problem (not just chasing symptoms!). He has helped me with back, hip and wrist pain, headaches and even fixed me right up when a coworker ran over my foot with a stretcher (holding a 300# pt!) and dislocated my toe (although employee health found nothing wrong). As a nurse, I love that he does not dismiss the medical world I work in, but works with orthopedic and other doctors if needed! I totally recommend him!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Heather

"I have seen Dr Casertano for over 10 years. Prior to meeting him, I was not a fan of chiropractors. I felt they wanted to keep you coming back as much as possible to get your money. I was desperate for help with my neck and back, and trusted a friend who recommended him. Dr. Casertano made me a believer. He proved that you can correct your issues and get back to a normal life. He truly wants to help you get better. He talks through the treatment with you so you know how to identify what's wrong. I now know within minutes of an issue whether I just pulled a muscle or I need to come by for an adjustment. He also educates you on how to make changes (posture, exercise) so you don't keep having problems. I just need to listen to him. I am able to make same day appointments and correct issues quickly before"